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Historcial Texts

The spells of Merseburg

Eiris szun idisi, szun hera douder.
suma hapt heptidun, suma heri lezidun,
suma clbdun, umbi cuoniouuidi:
insprinc haptbandun, invar vgandun!

Phol ende Uuodan vuorun zi holza.
d uuart demo Balderes volon sn vuoz birenkit.
th biguolen Sinthgunt, Sunna era suister;
th biguolen Fria, Volla era suister;
th biguolen Uuodan, s h uuola conda:
sse bnrenk, sse bluotrenk, sse lidirenk:
bn zi bna, bluot zi bluoda, lid zi geliden,
sse gelmida sn!

found in the Dome of Merseburg in a handscript from the 10th century from Fulda,
the spells are much more older

English Translation

Once the Disir (norse war-goddesses) sit here and there.
some tied the fetters some paralyzed the "army" of the enemies,
some gathered sacred fetters (that means they did the spells to bind the enemies):
escape the fetters, escape your enemies!

Phol (=Baldur, sungod) and Wotan (shamanic god) were in the woods.
there the foot of Baldur's horse was dislocated.
Then Sinthgunt the sister of Sunna (sungoddess) did her spell;
Then Freyja (goddess of love and magic) the sister of Fulla (goddess of fertility) did her spell;
Then Wotan, who knows it well, did his spell:
How is the bone, so is the blood, so is the limb:
Bone to bone, blood to blood, limb to limb
like they are sticked together!

The saxon (old nether-german) baptism vow

Forsachist diobolae?
(et respondeat):
ec forsacho diobolae.
end allum diobolgeldae?
end ec forsacho allum diobolgeldae.
end allum dioboles uuercum?
end ec forsacho allum dioboles uuercum end uuordum,
Thunaer ende Uuden ende Saxnte
ende allum thm unholdum, th hira gentas sint.
Gelbistu in got alamehtigan fadaer?
ec gelbu in got alamehtigan fadaer.
Gelbistu in Christ godes suno?
ec gelbu in Christ godes suno.
Gelbistu in hlogan gst?
ec gelbu in hlogan gst.

ca. 10th century
with this vow the saxon tribes that were defeated by Kaiser Karl were forced to renounce the religion of their fathers and to become christians
the ones who refused, or continued serving the ancient gods, lost their houses and properties, and sometimes their lives

English Translation

Do you renounce devil?
(and he should answer):
I renounce devil.
And all the devil's sacrifice?
(he should answer):
And I renounce all the devil's sacrifice.
And all the devil's acts?
(he should answer):
And I renounce all the devil's acts and words,
Donar (=Thor, god of thunder) and Wotan (=Odin) and Saxnot (tribal god of the saxons)
and all the devils, that are their companions.
Do you belive in god, the allmighty father?
I belive in god, the allmighty father.
Do you belive in Christ, son of god?
I belive in Christ, son of god.
Do you belive in holy spirit?
I belive in holy spirit.