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Poems of 1997

Poem of april


My roots are running back deeply
up to the darkness of times
when the world was never danced by her
who was resting in her coils
in herself
full of wisdom
with fire in her eyes
unspeakable her name
unforgetable her power
and now
she raises up again
to pour out her fire
come together
and join into her song.

c) Varuna 11/96

Poem of may

Cosmic Dance

When we're dancing round the trees,
uphill, where the stonecircle's waiting
then earth is turning and cosmos is singing.

When we're dancing round the trees
in the light of the full moon
we're feeling the ecstasy of the gods.

When we're dancing round the trees
hearing the sound of the stars
the old serpent is coiling
and we are one
with moon, earth and sun.

As it was in the beginning.
As it is now.
And as it will allways be.

When the gods are calling us, we start dancing
and death and birth are one.

c) Varuna 3/92

Poem of june/july


The others will not be seen on earth
is only Her, who will remain
crying golden tears again
for those, who've gone forever.
The wild boar died long time ago
and only one cat, that stays.

Much I saw
less I talk.
She threw the herbs into the fire-pit
and created the new world, while dreaming.
The rune-circle has turned
and once again the ways will be found.
The dawning of a new day.
(c) Varuna 3/95

Poem of august

Time of the red river

I'm weaving a net
with red thread,
running out of myself.
I'm weaving you
mothers, sisters,
Deep in me
The voice of my ancestors
voice of my blood.
I'm following the red river
deeper and deeper
back to the beginning
into another world
when all was one.
(c) Varuna 5/97

Poem of september


on the fence, that separates the worlds
about secrets of night
and day
into the depth of past
and future
One leg here
and the other one there
she's keeping the balance
in the between-world.

(c) Varuna 7/97

Poem of october


Milky white the mist is waving
from the dark cold mouth of earth
no sound that breaks the sacred silence.

The world is hidden behind the veil
The time's forgotten at this place.

Treefingers're playing with the clouds
the white hair of eternal crone.
I'm walking on the hidden path
that leeds me deep inside the grove.
At the stone circle I'm greeting
the silent guards of endless time
Purified my heart, I step inside
the holy circle between the times.
Standing in centre with up-raised arms
I'm calling Her with soundless sound
Humble and full of reverence
I'm doing the ancient sacrifice
"Please, take the gift, I brought for you
Dark Mother of eternity!"

(c) Varuna 10/95

Poem of november


Darkness of forest
embraces me
Splashing of creek
sings his song
A whisper in the trees
Shadows are passing by
Alone with myself
In a world full of wonder
A dream raises up
From deepest source
A word of power
Is calling in me
And I am one with all.

(c) Varuna 6/97

Poem of december


I hear the roar of ancient oceans
feeling the first wave flowing over me
rolling through my body, with full power
and washes me away.

Harder and harder the waves roll
their rythm takes my breath away
I'm screaming, fighting, struggeling.

"Mother Ocean, blue deep, ancient woman from beginning of time, give me shelter!"

I surrender to Her
My life is in Her hand
I give up fighting and let the waters drift me away.

Higher and higher the waves roll
then the last one, the most mighty is coming
it washes You on the shore
'Seaborn son, welcome in this world.'

(c) Varuna 5/96

© Varuna Holzapfel 1997.