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Varuna Holzapfel

My spiritual path is a spiral dance with no beginning and no end ...

I was born in 1968 in Hagen/Westfalia.

My own spiraldance led me throughout following steps:

1980 - 1982: first experiences with so ESP, autogenic training, interpretation of dreams, tranceinduction, magical rituals

1987 - 1991: ritualwork with the elements, studying the Tarot (Rider-Waite), work with the runes, ancestors, herbs, germanic mythology and the "witchcult"

1991 - 1993: initiation crisis, founding of a coven, spiritual guiding of others, stay in Lagos (Nigeria), involvement with african-based religious traditions

1994: final degree in diplom-paedagogy at the University of Dortmund ( topic of degree dissertation: "The Witchcult"), start to work as a diplom-paedagog

1995: first degree in Usui-Reiki, giving tarot consultations, doing rituals (wedding, rites of passage) for others

1996: second degree in Usui-Reiki, lectures about tarot, magic and runes, leading of shamanic study groups

1997: my first book „Das Hexeneinmaleins“ published at Smaragd Verlag Master/Teacher degree in Usui-Reiki, workshop about shamanic travelling at the Earth Days in Hagen

1998: End of study of psychotherapy at the ALH Haan (a.o. Person-centered therapy)

1999: my book „Einweihung in das Hexeneinmaleins“ published, also at the Smaragd-Verlag

2000 - 2001: stay in Havana/Kuba, becoming a member of „Regla de Ocha“ (Santeria), Mano de Orunla-Zeremonie (Isefa) and initiation into "La Regla" (Kariocha)

2002: my third book „Santeria – Der Voodoo der Kubaner“

2004: first godchildren in "La Regla“ (Santeria)

2006-2007: further education: Intervision, Coaching, activating methods for lessons, didactic methods, group dynamics

2009: Trainer for für autogenic training

My homepage exists since 1996.
The contents were time I hade some herbal recips (English/German), Poems (englisch/deutsch), Links and a FAQ about witches/pagans Hexen/Heiden an dit was hosted at was an internet-club in Dortmund. In April 1997 I moved my site to geocities ( and added some pages.
In July 2001 I moved my homepage again to is4u, under my own domain

Another site of me is, for Santeria (Regla de Ocha, Lucumi) and Ifa devotees living in Europe. That site was created in 2000 and since 2004 it is hosted under it's own domain.

The name Varuna

It must have been in 1992 when I came across the name Varuna for the first time. It wsa during a vision in which the spirit, who probably is with me right from birth, called me with this name. When I told him, that my name is not Varuna but V e r e n a he grinned and asked me: "Why do you have a Roman name ? You are not Roman at all." He also added that Varuna is the germanic form of V e r e n a. I registered that information but just leave it like this, this is my way to treat all those informations from Spiritopolis which I cannot verify directly. But that name sounds somehow familiar to me, like it wsa a part of my self and so I used it for my webside and my books.
Years later, in 1998, I met a student of Germanistik who explained to me that the germanic word / name Varuna ist having excatly the same meaning like V e r e n a. But the spelling has to be another one. Not Varuna, the way I used to write it, but War-Runa ...

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