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The ancient path of "Hexeneinmaleins"

You must understand !
From One make Ten
And Two let go
And Three is the same
Then you are rich.
Loose the Four
From Five and Six
so speaks the witch
Make Seven and Eight
So it is done
And Nine is One
And Ten is none
This is the witch's "Oneplusone".

The solution of this old riddle describes an ancient, european, shamanic initiation path.

The first step is the visionquest, where a person will get in touch with the spiritual world, especially with these guardian spirits. The intensity of the vision depends on the individual and his/her experiences.

The second step is the incorporation into the circle of men or women. Because we were never officialy initiated in the circle of adults here in our society, we are still children in the context of the "Hexeneinmaleins".

After officially becoming a man or a woman, we need some time to find our balance and our way within our own society. This time of "finding the balance" is the third step. We are now a full member in our own culture with all rights and duties. At that point most of us have finished their way on the path of "Hexeneinmaleins", but some are predestined to continue.

Those with special skills and tendencies will be initiated into a group of spiritual men and women who are the keeper of ancient wisdom and knowledge. Since these groups are traditionally not open for everybody, they were called "secret societies". The initiation into such a secret society is the fourth step.

The fifth step is called "sacred marriage". There are different ways of performing it depending on the particular culture.

The next step is the initiation into the rang of a "High-priest" or a "High-priestess".

The seventh and last step is the "shamanic initiation" during which the person travels to the "otherworld" where he/she receives powers and knowledge directly from the spirits. It is a very dangerous journey, a person may get lost in it and become crazy, if the journey is not carried out properly.

© Varuna Holzapfel 1999.